How Does User Experience Affect SEO

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3 min readFeb 5, 2021

From browsing to buying, every part of your brand’s user journey should be as seamless, enjoyable, and impactful as possible. Specifically, User Experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a person has when interacting with your brand online and includes factors such as your website’s overall site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structures, and user navigation. The more intuitive your website’s UX is, the more credibility your business earns, the better relationships you form with your target consumers, and the more users talk about and shop your brand.

Your website’s UX design contributes to the way search engines position your brand through user engagement metrics as well. Implementation of strong UX elements contributes to a better search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, effectively improving your brand’s rankings on search engines for valuable keywords. Read below to discover how your brand’s UX strategy can contribute to your SEO efforts.

Page Speed

Today’s internet users are more impatient than ever before, as we’re used to accessing information instantaneously. Accordingly, pages with a longer load time have higher bounce rates than pages with faster loading speeds. As a webpage’s speed directly influences how a user processes the information on a page and impacts how they experience a brand, page speed is a key component in a good UX strategy. Additionally, pages with slower loading times tend to have higher bounce rates, and today’s search engines consider this factor when determining search results for a specific keyword.

Mobile Responsiveness

As over 50% of all web traffic takes place through mobile search, a mobile friendly website is a staple for any successful brand. A website with strong mobile responsive properties automatically scales the content, structure, and elements of its pages to fit the size of the screen it is viewed on. Accordingly, those who browse a website online receive the same brand experience as those browsing on a desktop, strengthening your brand identity. Without a responsive website, your business will see a serious decline in mobile user engagement metrics that influence your SEO strategy and weaken a search engine’s interpretation of your website.

URL Structures

URL structures can be broken down into multiple parts that translate information to both users and search engines. Specifically, URLs are a powerful factor to indicate to your users where within your website they are browsing. As URL structures appear on search engine result pages (SERPs), today’s brands should ensure their URLs are clean, simple, and readable to promote more clicks, which translates to more credibility and higher rankings. Additionally, URL structures that include a keyword ensure higher relevancy, provide more meaning and value to both users and search engines, and strengthen your brand’s overall SEO strategy.

User Navigation

An intuitive user navigation journey helps your audience find the information they’re looking for easily and quickly. Specifically, a simple, clear, and relevant menu structure contributes to a seamless user experience every time a user visits your website and organizes your brand’s content in a logical way for both your audience and search engines. With a streamlined user navigation strategy, your website’s categories and subcategories deliver informative content that’s easily digestible and increases your website traffic, strengthens your SEO efforts, and raises your number of conversions.

A strong UX strategy not only affects the way your most valuable users interact with your brand, but it also impacts how today’s search engines interpret your business’s website and affects your overall SEO efforts. Work with a skilled digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO to determine how your brand can leverage your UX strategy for the highest impact.

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